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Do it now. Say it to yourself. Do it now. Over and over again. Until your brain registers it and you get up to do what you have set out to do. This tip came from a Tiktok video as I was mindlessly scrolling trying to procrastinate the ton of things I want to do; write something for my personal blog, work on that side project I’ve been thinking about for months, finish up on some task for work, practice tennis, read that book on systems designs, do the laundry, wash the dirty shoes, chores, run errand, the list goes on.

What is to be blamed? The overly long list of items, the lack of energy and time cuz of work or just lack of discipline in getting things done. I think it’s a factor of all those things and maybe some others that are not mentioned. One thing for sure is that I can control how I maximise the use of my free time and a certain way of doing that is definitely not wasting away time on the phone. But does that mean I should not be on the phone at all just fingering away on the screen? This brings me to another subject.

Should one totally avoid social media? My answer to that is no. One needs to find the right balance. A good dosage of social media can benefit you in a lot of ways; depending on the content that you consume. If you develop an interest in something, say tennis, and you spend lots of time watching tennis-related content, you gain more insights and knowledge in that sport which you can then apply when you step in the court. Aside from that, sometimes you’d come across funny and comedic videos. This not only gives you a dosage of laughter but increase your sense of humour. After all, who doesn’t like to be around a funny individual that’ll brighten up the mood. Lastly, the range of videos you watch will increase your level of creativity because you get to see contents of all shapes and sizes therefore creating new neuron paths in your brain that you would not have otherwise formed — if that makes sense.

So, after all that rambling, what now? Nothing. I just intend to write. Writing is a form of art that I have neglected because the education system has made it such that it was a chore. But now I value it. I will have to love it. I will try. This art cannot be forgotten. Yes, I wished I’d written more in the past as that would mean I’d be writing in a totally different way than I am right now. But there’s not point harking back. As long as you start, no matter how late, and you remain consistent, you will achieve what you have set out to achieve. That’s all. And no I didn’t use chatGPT nor will I proofread this text. I hope I didn’t make any mistakes. Cheers ~